"Basically there was, if you read the history, you find these two, this brother and sister, were utterly fascinated by each other and they regarded each as the ideal spouse. So they got through many relationships, but they never find one that satisfies them as much as the brother and sister do. It’s not a story about incest, but it’s a story about two people who are absolutely enraptured with each other.
Neil Jordan, creator of The Borgias

"Cesare was to be the evil genius of Lucrezia’s life: their love and loyalty to one another were such that he, like his father, would be accused of incest with her; even that his obsessive love for her led him to murder. [...] Incestuous or not, there is no doubt that Cesare and Lucrezia loved each other above anyone else and remained loyal to each other to the end."
Lucrezia Borgia, Sarah Bradford

A blog dedicated to the relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia; in history, and as portrayed by François Arnaud and Holliday Grainger in the Showtime's tv series The Borgias.

This blog is NOT spoiler-free.
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This hasn’t happened in the series yet, but looking at his history, we know that Cesare was accused of killing his brother Juan and became quite bloodthirsty.

I read a couple of books and they all contradict each other. The script becomes your truth. You can’t play history — you have to play the heart of the story. I trust Neil; He’s read everything there is to read about the Borgias. I don’t think of Cesare, definitely not at first, as a cold-blooded murderer. There are stories of him just looking out his window and just shooting people randomly on the street, and unless we go there, I don’t really see him that way. I think he’s got a logical reason for every crime that he commits. And same thing about the incest with Lucrezia; I think we chose to play pure love. And they’re so infatuated with each other and they’re very physical in that relationship, but it’s kind of childish in a way. I think they’re just in love with each other, without any form of judgment.

I noticed a lot of fans are rooting for Lucrezia and Cesare to get together, which is a testament to how appealing you two are together.

You see, people are creepy! It’s not just me! [Laughs.] I think Holliday [Grainger, who plays Lucrezia] and I had a really strong chemistry from the start, and I just really enjoy working with her. She’s amazing and she has those great big eyes that you just want to stare into.

Also, that audition video Showtime put out is apparently FAKE. LOL. Oh, Showtime.


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